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You’ve landed here because you want to transform. You’re ready to stop moving backwards and start moving forward. You get bonus points for getting this far. It takes tremendous courage to let go of the past and imagine a different future for yourself.

It is new, and scary, and also incredibly exhilarating.

It’s akin to diving into a cold pool. The moment you suspend fear and leap off the pool’s edge is the moment change starts. Before you know it, you’re in the pool – and your body and mind race to adjust to the cold, refreshing water. And, miraculously, your state of being changes. Dark to light, sad to happy, depleted to fulfilled.

Depression, anxiety, and addiction are burdensome but treatable. Sleeping too much or too little, fatigue, poor ability to concentrate, racing thoughts, undereating, overeating, drinking and drugging all can rob you of your vitality, creativity, and social connections.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? If they do, it’s time for you to stop, reverse course, and take action.

Understand that a vibrant, optimistic, fun, and purpose-driven life can be yours. Once therapy has begun, you’ll feel lighter and will move away from pain. You’ll notice an increase in energy, a reduction in addictive behavior, depressive, and anxiety symptoms.

I’m a bilingual (Spanish & English), Florida-licensed psychotherapist specializing in addiction and trauma. Take a brief moment to call me directly or complete the confidential contact form below, and I will get back to you very soon. Many of my clients have expressed relief in JUST taking this initial action. Remember, the hardest call to make is always the first one. Make the call, and let’s begin the process of healing. You’ll breathe easier knowing you’ve taken an important step forward.

There is hope. Therapy works. Change is possible.

Reach Out to Set Up a No Cost 15-Minute Phone Consultation.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

– Albert Einstein

The Benefits of Therapy

Psychotherapy (a.k.a. talk therapy) puts you in charge. Old ideas, feelings and emotions are discussed, challenged, and processed (felt) for once and for all. The “feeling” part is what we as humans avoid doing – often at a very high cost. Weekly therapy will make you a better feeler of feelings. Humans don’t like pain, we self-medicate with drugs, alcohol, sex, food, spending money, etc., and in the process we hurt ourselves.

The lasting benefits of psychotherapy include:

  • Newfound happiness
  • Freedom from self-limiting behaviors and thoughts
  • Enhanced relationships with your partner, family & friends
  • Awareness of what is hampering your growth
  • Development of insight into your strengths
  • Setting of reasonable & accomplishable goals
  • Reduced need to self-medicate
  • Your perspective on people will change
  • Your perspective on life will change
  • Long held secrets can be released once and for all (I’ve heard lots of them)
  • You’ll know that you are not Alone
  • It will prepare you for future challenges in life.
  • Passive-aggressive behaviors will stop resurfacing because the underlying anger will be processed

My office provides a safe, confidential setting, and allows you to examine the resistance as it relates to your happiness and ability. You’ll confront this resistance to accept the good about yourself and in the process grow exponentially.

“Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it. Once we truly know that life is difficult—once we truly understand and accept it—then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.”

– Opening lines of M. Scott Peck’s classic book “The Road Less Traveled”